Saturday, October 18, 2008

PAR...T E D!

Though we parted our ways on that day,
Through tears flowing down our cheeks, my darling!
I will come seeking you in the sand shores,
Of the stream which changed its course
And drifted apart, into another turn.

Till such time, I will keep these fertile dreams,
And the lute of my sweet aspirations;
Also, the unlighted lamp in which I filled oil,
To illumine, in the nuptial bower;
As priceless possessions and remain waiting for
My eternal companion, in my forlorn wayside inn.
When the tree I planted, on the shores of time,
Starts sprouting with flowers and tender leaves
Emanating heavenly fragrance in the air,
I will come searching for you to your side.
And will meet together again,
Under the faint light of the night, before
The blue star, in the resplendent sky.

Here we find our longings and dreams as
Flowers, which refuse to become mere
Witnesses, of the human frailties.

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