Tuesday, October 14, 2008


A kiss, sweetest of its kind, and me yearning
On my lips, the deep embrace of a honey bee
Striving to take away, all the nectar in the flower.
I longed, and enthralled with my imagination.
My bashfulness, was hesitating to prevent it
From happening in such an amiable amour.

In the morning when you were quarreling with me
While we sat in the garden; the cool breeze
Wafted us, bringing us in intense intimacy.
I became another vine entwining with you
Under the arbor of jasmine, awakening infinite
Reveries in the mind, and merriment.
I was trembling; my chest was heaving and throbbing.
Yet, my coy meekness, could not avoid the temptation
Of holding your lips, under mine for a long time,
In the twilight of the magnificent evening;
Stirring the soul and carrying us away into
Avalon and we never desired to come back.

When the cold soft breeze was caressing us
And you stood close to me bidding farewell,
On the shore of the sea with its trillions of
Pearl white blossoms in the froth, in glee,
I became another wave hugging those flowers
On the beach, came near you, with the agog
Of licking away your treads on the sands.
Yet, my shyness made me reluctant, to prevent me
Falling on to your chest, and embracing you in my frenzy.

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