Friday, October 24, 2008

So many thanks...

Thank you, my dearest friend,
Thank you so much, indeed;
For the delightful ecstasy
You have bestowed on me;
And sitting by my side silently,
Without speaking, a word to me.
For the concern and kindness,
Overwhelming in the corner of your eyes,
Pointed at me, without me knowing it,
For the smile of the rose petal
That unfurled and sparkled on your coral lips;
For the blossoms, which fell in my palm
From the plaited hair,
Where you adorned it,
While the breeze, embraced you.

For the perfume pervading in my reveries,
Though, you went away without
Telling me anything.
For entering and exiting in my lonely
Dreams, at least for a little while,
And making me blissful;
And gifting your love into
The vital spirits of this earthen lamp
Burning in anguish...

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