Sunday, October 12, 2008

For once...

Could you for once, listen to my beckoning you?
I am sinuous like an empty sound,
With sobs, sighs and signs flowing towards you.
In the wilderness of anguish, I was wondering
And probing my mirage, of my passions.
The dreams I beheld has corroded
By the storm generated by, endless time.
Blossomed sweetness of frangipani, in the garden,
Has disappeared from the decrepit life.
Have you forgotten me altogether?

You are sleeping on a bed spread out
With innumerable memories, of our togetherness;
Titillating the emotions, every day,
Permeating the aroma of a forest of sandalwood.
My distress turned to hymns, smothering
Your tender limbs and cuddling you in your slumber.

Did you drift away from me, sharing all your
Love and tenderness, in compassion, leaving
Me abandoned and despondent and in deep anguish?
Deserting me and taking away your alluring adoration.
Can’t you for once attend my call just to
Understand my plight and how I feel about it?

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