Thursday, October 9, 2008


Your grief belongs to you only!
Your paths have to be traversed by you only;
By swimming in search of consolation
You only will become wearied; A mirage!

The earthen lamp which ignited your hopes
Yesterday, has fallen down and shattered;
Faith changed its ways and facies;
Exhalation prepares, pyres for the dead;
Moral values and treatise on ethics,
Relates stories in riddles on destiny;
And forget everything, in ruse of
Of empathy, with a mask of benevolence..

Which is the next shore?
Like the rainbow in the sky;
Like the lurid light of the moon,
Ardent aspirations clasped to the bosom,
Fade away into oblivion, and time
Stands looking at it, with a detached attitude
Of a recluse, stupefied, dumbfounded!

Filled with anguish, and dismal dreams,
The earth silently stretches down below
And up above the blue horizon!



Beautiful though painful thoughts...resonated from lone souls....the sorrow when poetically expressed....gets transformed ....into a kind of joy!`

Kunjubi said...

Thank u sir for the hearty comment. I am much obliged. Continue to read my posts. I am sure u will def enjoy it if u have a young mind in you. cheers kunjubi