Saturday, October 25, 2008

Eternal rhythms...

Like the crescent moon dressed like a bride
Approaching the shores of the moonlight,
Why did you come once again as a guest,
On the door step, of my barren mind?
Why did you, my beloved, come again
Fully primed to my presence?

Her tender lips held undying roseness
And in it, there remained umpteen, untold
Thirsts of parched passions.
In her doe eyes without mascara, slumbered
Many a dormant dreams, yearning to be
Aroused and enacted in days to come;
And, the sweetness of infatuation, in abundance.
She always coveted to see my mute temperament,
Created by her incessant reproaches and complaints;
Alluring my sprit with the chillness of her love, and
The ineffaceable charm, dwelling in her heart.

My fingers longed to touch and resonate the
Strings in her, which I could not awaken so far..
She has become my eternal rhythm and tone as always.

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