Monday, October 6, 2008

You never knew...

Yet, you never understood my fervour;
You never ventured to wipe my moistened eyes,
With your lips through your embellishing kisses,
You never heard the throbs of my soul, reaching
You as feeble strains from the lute of my heart!

You came into my life with out me knowing
Your proximity to my soul;
And sat on the flower bedecked throne of
My life’s life, where I weaved my dreams.

With the libation of my bashfulness, in my hand,
I hid behind you, looking down
On the carpeted floor, softly wafting you to cool
With my ravishing imaginations of a
Lascivious scenario, in my mind.

Can’t you be present in my life always,
Showering the ecstasy of ambrosia,
For us to live together for ever and ever?
In the golden dreams , I own and behold;
In my eyes as a flowering season;
In my mornings as a psalm of adulation;
In my evening, a resplendent horizon;
Till my body, spirit and my world, are
Enraptured by the dexterities of
The enchanting arrows of Cupid.


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