Sunday, October 26, 2008

My dream boat

Though I have never seen, till this moment,
I am so familiar with your pretty lineaments.
Though I have, never heard your sweetest voice.
I know your tones and intonations, deftly
Demured, in concern and compassion of your love.
When I open the window of my humble abode,
A fragrance of commiseration, liquefied in passion,
Wafts in, with delicate temptation to sublimation.

I will whisper tunes of my adoration in your ears
Lulling you to sleep, to enter into the wings of
Sweet vivid dreams, on the golden shores of paradise;
Prepare a thousand beds of flowers, opulent in splendour,
For you to sleep and share my warmth and chill, for you
To lie down in comfort and cuddle in my arms.

In these hours, when the summer moon has blossomed,
I see the moon, in your beautiful simpering
Countenance, where the butterflies of my ardour
And love, flutters around, to imbibe the
Enervating nectar, it keeps in the pistil.
I see the life force in you, with all its emotions,
And sentiments, in the expression of your eyes.
I will keep vigil, with a soothing song to lull you,
Till the moment, your eyelids close in sleep,
For an unruffled, and exuberant repose.

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