Monday, November 3, 2008


You made me drink the nectar, from your lips;
Your smile contested with the splendoured blossoms;
In the exultation of the rapture and the intoxication
Of the first kiss, you gave me thus,
A thousand rebirths of my existence evaporated,
Fled and vanished into the infinite space.
My ingenuity turned to become sunshine
To dry, and comb your curls, to glisten
The sweat drops on the cleavage of your breast,
Appeared, as cute pearls of bliss, in my musings.
Did your giggling change into sobs and sighs
And my chants of love turned to groans?
The rhythms dripping into my melodies
Is stricken with desolation now!
The dried petals of the mind are falling
Down, causing dismal agony in the life.
I become the fatigued wings of a day,
Exiting into the gloom, without bidding adieus!
And it is the grief that gives strength
To forget the woes, I retain in the chest.
Each birth I take, is destined to bring
Me, a derelict and dreary existence.

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