Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Transcending Loveliness…

When you lean over my heart, as a blossom

While it rains, the nectar is dripping into my soul

And I forget even my existence in the inebriation

Filling up with delicious subtlety, swaddling me

And whisking me away, into the unknown realms of love.

Like the sweetest potion filling up a goblet;

Like a bud sprouting in a parched arid wilderness…

The tiny breeze has just brushed your locks

Idly fondling with its delicate fingers and

In an instant you transformed into a dazzling spring;

A blossoming Magnolia, presenting a rare fragrance.

I sense the sweet scent of Sandalwood percolating

From the moonlight revered by the doe eyed clouds

Rollicking in its bosom and fondling its velvety limbs.

Suddenly you become a sonnet in the harp of my heart,

And a melody erupts in the flute of my heartbeats….


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