Sunday, May 1, 2011



My Beloved:

I am grateful; for whatever you have given me.

For the exceptional ecstasy and bliss you bestowed,

While sitting silently by my side.

And for the kindness over whelming and

Enveloped in your glances, without me aware if it;

Besides the ’sweet rose petal smile’ unfurled

On your enthralling corral studded lips, for me;

For the few shriveled flowers shed from your

Plaits of hair, ruffled by the breeze, I treasured.

And the fragrance drizzling on my reminiscence,

Though, you left without saying anything to me.

For your short presence, nonetheless for a few moments

In my dreams, enriching and invigourating my life.

And for visiting me and inquiring about my well being,

And the coquetry like a tiny white dove, and fly away

To some unknown destination like the storm,

Throwing me in a vortex of confusion.

For sprinkling of few drops of love on the

Wick of the earthen lamp of the stricken mind,

Burning in angst, with the flame of despondency.

Thank you my dear, for whatever you have gifted me,

And failed to grant me in your life…

Thank you very much..

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