Sunday, December 18, 2011


“Rise and shine” she said.
The smell of fresh coffee conquered the nostrils.
She stood there simpering.
A silhouette against the window.
The scent of aromatic hair oil diffusing;
Fragrance of imprisoned jasmines,
Emanated from her braids.
A dulcet ditty! A ripple of prettiness!
She opened the window panes and cast
The curtains to one side, allowing the morning
Breeze, to caress our body, with a sweet chill.
Morning mist swallowed the perfume of the soil,
Lurked over the vista, like smoke, as the
Green meadows exhaled vapor.
Sodden earth, trying to grin, in the early light.
A forlorn tree cast its long shadow,
Over the placid waters of the pond.
Silvery clouds rubbed shoulders amid the blue sky,
While wandering over the hills and dales.

Somewhere, in the ground floor, a baby
Was crying, for the mother’s breast.
A lonely row-boat slithered over the calm
Water of the lake, dodging the water hyacinths
Floating, in full glory with its purple flowers;
Some one trying to catch a stray fish with a rod.
Birds chirping in the air; in the distance, echo
The melodious whistle, of a stranded train.
The nature in philharmony!

I am in euphoria, a trance, a stupor…
I am a part of this wonderful universe!

“Drink that coffee, before it gets cold”.
I thought I heard a far away voice,
Rippling in the air, telling me...
It broke my reverie; she was there near me.
I pulled her hand and drew her to my side.
A prologue, to the sweetest moments of matrimony!
A lullaby for the soul….

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