Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Could you nuzzle me as the radiant ray
Of a resplendent golden morn?
Could you wake me up every morning
With the soft melody of a nightingale
Cooing for love from its mate?
Your countenance could be a mascot for me,
As the rising sun in the early dawn.
The chilly breeze that kissed me on
My cheeks could have been your luscious lips.
When I set my feet on the cold floor
I felt a chill reaching my forehead.
Was it your face that brushed me
Trying to blot the sweat drops off my face?

I could see my face in half stupor
On the mirror of your awesome mind.
The tolling of the church bell gliding
Through the air towards me with the droning
Sound of chanting prayers in unison,
Seems to me as your propitious prayers
Rising up towards heaven’s gateway,
For my longevity in this world with you.
Wish the water I sprinkled on my face
Could be replaced with your warm greetings.
If I souse myself and swim in the ocean of
Your love, I am sure that you will wipe my head
And hair with the warm towel of your affection.

Your assurances could be the gorgeous attire
I am wearing scrupulously with pleats.
The gift of your heart that you gave me
Could be the locket hugging to my bosom,
On the necklace I am adorning.

If the somniferous moonlight caress me to
Sleep could be your embraces and I forget
Everything and cling to your chest,
That morph into a serene bed
And the sweetest dreams I see always
Be the same as yours, the heaven created by
Those splendid dreams could become
Our adorable abode, eternally.

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