Monday, May 16, 2011


Desires. like

A tailor bird, are weaving out a tiny nest,

With a thousand dreams.

Expectations silently lighted the lamps

Umpteen times, frequently had to put it out,

Again and again, in frustration.

Saddening realities have entered from remote

Unknown areas of disillusionment.

I was erecting a splendid edifice

On the land of my dreams and imaginations,

Even while time clasps shackles on my wrist.

My very small aspirations conserved

In the garret of my mind, still look forward to

Sing lullabies in elation, in its realization.

Life is like a paper boat in the lake of tears,

Drifting rudderless, in the midst of the vast

Expanse of water, and rocking in the waves;

Far away shores remain unseen, in the stark

Darkness of the vagabond night.

No one to share the anguish in the mind;

No one to help, to set down my burden.

Somewhere in the far corner of the horizon,

A few stars are staring at me, through the veil

Of darkness, with wrath, appearing like sentinels,

And the streak of lightning piercing the darkness,

Cannot placate the condemnation of the night.

I am still awaiting to hear the song of the

Sea birds, as I am befuddled with my directions;

Seeking the shores, struggling in the arms of the waves.

The flame of my hankering is swaying in the

Eddies and vortices with life’s turbulence.

The earthen pots of scorching pain are seeking

Water to quench its burning thirst.

In the chilling breeze around the corner,

The sun painted the eastern sky with crimson

Surrealistic images, and it looks like the shore is nearby now.

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