Sunday, January 2, 2011


Why did you come so late, to witness
The rising moon, of my mind;
My pretty evening, and to fondle
The dove that had its feathers withered,
Striving to reach the yonder blue.

In the corridor of gloomy twilight
I am burning out as an earthen lamp;
Even without knowing to cry
And shed my tears; standing in the midst
Of a sea with the fierce waves roaring
And splashing over me in anger, and
Me, meditating in penance for you.

You fade out as the pale moon into the clouds,
From the porthole of the mind, and in expectancy
I am waiting in anxiety as a still shadow, to hear
A knock of prayer on the door of my soul,
Yearning to see you return, to enliven my
Forlorn existence with the delight of you
Being around and near me, as my guardian angel.

In the mind the vermillion petals dance
Along with butterflies and chirping birds.
There arise a thousand rainbows
In the glorious splendor of the
Grandiose hues in the sugary romantic
Dreams, that floats in and out.
I have forgotten even my mind.
You have opened the silent doors of
My heart, without me knowing it.
Passions scattered the blooms of lust
On the bed of eiderdown, where we lay.
Coy meekness started pavane of a peacock in the eyes.
You painted with your eye lashes
A magical spectrum with the colours of love.
The lines jotted with the quill
Adorned exquisite brilliance, naturally.
A revival… A rebirth…

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