Thursday, April 21, 2011


[In light vein}

How magnificent is this universe,

And its trillions of infinitesimal creatures?

The firmament announcing the handiwork

Of the creator, and the sky revealing

The glory of its Master and designer;

And the day uttering speech to the day,

Night divulge knowledge to another night;

Without sign, language or speech, where

Their voice is not heard, but in silence;

And their line has gone out through all earth,

With words, to the end of the world.

Perfect! Systematic! Without any flaw!

On the seventh day of creation He thought of

Making the man, to till His ground!

No aestheticians or ergonomists,

Were available, for consultation.

And worried He was and tired too.

He haphazardly, slovenly made a form

Resembling the present day human,

From the insipid earth under his foot,

And breathed life into his nostrils;

Man became a living being thus;

With innumerable imperfections, because

He wanted only a robot type being, to toil

And till His newly formed earth.

For such a purpose who needs aesthetics

Or efficacy or efficiency in a lackey?

Only minimum skill was required of him

To till the ground and of a gardener.

He did not hesitate to provide him an assistant

In the form of a woman, stark naked

And interesting to look at.

*********** ************

There are no sharp edges but only

Curves or rounds in the human body.

Even a butterfly, a bird, a fish or snake

Is superb and more fascinating,

In their shapes and movements.

Here two holes on the sides of a shapeless

Projection we call nose, and the thumbs

Shaped like the seed of the Jackfruit;

Buttocks like the jackfruit cut into two,

And each placed side by side in the rear.

Was He a scrooge, as He is multi tasking

Each part of the human body?

A 3-in one task for the sexual organ

To be used for urinating, copulation and child birth.

A 2-in one function for the breast

To feed the baby, and to fascinate the hearts;

Another 3-in one to understand the taste,

As well as to worship gods, and to curse others.

How can we make a remix of these arrangements?

Replace the hands with gorgeous wings, enabling us

To fly in the blues and swim in the lake.

Add another eye behind the head to avoid,

Turn back and watch a coveted shape walking past.

Shift the urethra to the tip of the left thumb;

And no need for a powder room or cloak room,

Even so, one toilet both for the queen and the king.

And the organ could be used exclusively for

Sexual pleasures without fidget.

Imagine how humans have progressed through ages

In spite of these handicaps, to make his life

A bit more easy and comfortable!

And still pursuing and striving for more,

To grow out of the already perfect state

We are in, progressively through eons...

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