Thursday, July 21, 2011


The sun flower opened their
Eyes of ambrosial love for their lover.
Wild roses blossomed and embraced
The tree, enshrouding its naked trunk
With a floral veil, swayed in the soft breeze.
Why are you still sleeping, my beloved?

I am standing forlorn in this gloomy vale
Under the hillock, covering its breast with
The brassiere of fog and mist.
Awake and get up to open the lonely window
Of your boudoir and look at me,
Waiting for you, in this eerie morning.

I am still singing a song to wake you up
From the lassitude of your salacious
Dormancy, from your amative dreams.
My enamouring seductress, wake up.
I am still standing on the bank of a spring
Of agitating ecstasy, rippling with passions.
Get up and open the window of your sensual
Lips in a soul stirring coral smile.
Come out in your gossamer negligee;
The mist will cover your bareness
In your rear and me with my frame
Your delectable bosom with a cuddle.

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