Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hark ! Is that the tinkling of her anklet or

The rippling of the waves, or the chirping of sea birds;

Or the vibrant tone of the bowstrings

On the bow of Cupid, or is it the

Fluttering sound of my beloved’s laughter?

Day dreams are burgeoning;

Desires are filling up in the mind’s cavern;

Nectar is flooding up through the veins;

Alabaster bosom with the fragrance of Sandalwood

Is pulsating with suppressed passions…

The smell… The intoxicating smell of a woman

Enhanced the charisma of that evening.

Nerves are entwining and entangling,

And dancing like mating snakes with their

Hoods spread out, in rhythmic oscillation.

The flowers of my ecstasies are enfolding you.

The alluring fragrance of a woman’s body

Added untold delights to that evening.

Is it a vision or a dream or a hallucination?

I can’t decipher, but one thing I am assured;

It was your fragrance that permeated there!

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