Tuesday, July 5, 2011


If that flower fall off, and kiss the earth,

From the crest of a tiny breeze;

If a magical chant of music,

Of the endearing melody of an overture

Is heard, emanating from the bamboo flute;

If the memory of a long forgotten ditty, sung many times,

Bring the charm of a magnificent rainbow, to the soul;

If the tear drops moisten my wheezy bosom

Through a long awaited, message coached in love;

Then each drop of the nectar, conserved in my soul,

Is a gift, she has given to me by her memory!

If the words springing from her coral lips, could

Sow the seeds of abiding glee, in my entity;

If her entrancing, beatific smile flow in, as

Ambrosia, to dulcify my life;

I will sustain it, like the broken piece of a peacock’s

Plume, of my pristine love, in the treasure trove,

Deep inside the depth of my placid mind.

The glowing embers of despair, spread through the veins,

Flustering rueful thoughts, and making me insane.

The buds of sweet charming spring, longed to bloom.

Withered, fell into the lap of the earth.

Every desire, dreamt in my beautiful reverie,

Dissolved in the wild empty sands of the scorching desert.

I no longer wish to have another rebirth,

As I am gratified with all the raptures

Of a billion rebirths

In this life itself, because she loved me…

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