Thursday, May 12, 2011


A moment of absence, a moment of desertion;

A day of rebukes and dispute, heart breaking;

Creates a deep incision in the soul, for an age.

The intensity of correlation existed, metamorphose

Into an illusion of bondage, and imprisonment.

Wish if I could throw away these bonds,

Escape and become a free bird and fly away!

The merging of souls- amalgamation;

The manifestations of emotions;

Conglomeration of desires;

Stampede of passions;

The self abuse of thoughts and

Dubious imaginations of the tousled mind...

Forget all these and become free… I wish.

From the dense jungles of reminiscences;

From the umpteen intimate amative affection;

Before singing with discords my melodies

Out of rhythm and beats, forgetting the lines,

And play with the broken strings, if I could

Exit from this stage of oppression and subordination!

If I could ever untie the tangled knots

In the fabulous riddle of life, then

What a great freedom, I will attain!

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