Sunday, March 6, 2011


My soul was in a slumber.

Then you came and showered

Your fragrance, through your kisses

And awakened me from my sleep…..

I am, now imprisoned in a solitary

Cell, of your ardent love.

The heart yearns for looking out

To see the vistas of green plush valleys;

Sylvan hills, where the nymphs roam;

The stream where the thousand suns

Envisions through bubbles and foams;

Where the green paddy fields ripple

In the breeze, and the lonely man angling

For a stray fish and sings his

Favorite lines, of a popular ballad;

Where, the one legged stork watch

The clouds wandering over the distant

Horizon, casting a shadow, over the

Dales. and the hills on its sojourn;

Where, the boatman sings a mournful lyric

And rows happily against the tide….

The rain splattering on the placid lake

Making tiny holes in the surface….

Where the rain drips through the leaves

Of the needle trees, in lustrous rivulets;

Where the urchins play, and gleefully

Jump naked, into the murky pond.

Your soothing fingers caressing my nape

While you stand close, embracing me

Arouse me from these reveries of the

Long forgotten fantasies; suddenly

I realize, that all these are embedded

In your feather touch…

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