Sunday, November 30, 2008

A voice from the sky...

As I adoringly sniff at a bunch
Of fragrant flowers,
Of my reminiscence,
In the desolate moments of
Life’s turmoil and tumult,
Spawning as a bolt from the blue;
A fairy from heaven carried me
Away, flying into the distant heavens,
From my reveries, cuddling in her arms.
I heard her telling me in soft whispers
And soporific musical note of mystic spell.
“My darling, you sleep well” soothing
Me to a slumber, in the realm of Avalon.

Who is calling my name, from down below
And telling me, “Forget everything;
Forgive me”, in a somnifacient voice?
That’s him telling me to come back
To his bosom, my haven of commiseration!
“If it is not for forgiving and forgetting ones
Lapses, what is the meaning of loving
And love in this earth?”

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