Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As the dusk was bidding farewell,
The poor smouldering cloud,
Shed its tears in grief as raindrops,
Liquefying the sun, in its despair.

Then you became the reflective silence,
Diluted in the veil of the mist.
I jotted down with a quill
Dipped in the inkpot of my intense intimacy
For you, your lucky horoscope.
Did your eyes fail to see the full moon,
At an angle from this vantage point?
Will you come and whisper into my ears
What you hold as your ardent aspiration in the mind?

In a tempest of summer, we parted
Yesterday, without a reason after a squabble.
Then finally became one again soon,
In the chillness of a lake of inferno.
Is this the only birth for us to be together,
At the cross roads where our egos collide?
I am like a rainbow of love and desires,
Melting in the bleeding wounds in my heart.
I will wait a hundred disconsolate births,
For you to come back as a hornbill
Longing for the rain in the summer,
In the lap of obscurity in oblivion,
Away from the saddening world I live…

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