Thursday, November 27, 2008

Soul search…

While I tenderly sniff at a bunch of flowers
Of reminiscences, in my solitary moments,
A fairy carried me and flew away,
From my reveries, and I heard her softly
Telling me, in a whisper into my ears;
“My darling, you sleep well”, and soothing me
To slumber, in the warmth of her bosom.

Down, down there, someone is calling my name.
I cannot discern who it is, and when I hearken
That voice seems to be telling me” Forget and
Forgive everything. It’s not worth pursuing the feud.”
It should be none other than my sweetheart.
What is the bliss in life from the bonds of love?
If we cannot forgive and forget trespasses?

Life is an ocean and we are bubbles in the froth
On the vast shores, when the waves embrace
The land line and then retreats to its hold.
In the flicker of a moment it vanishes into
Nothing, without leaving any foot prints
On the sands of time and space or void.
We can not attribute any greatness for our
Existence on.these fleeting bubbles of air
And in the eternal march of time, our life time
Is not even a speck in its whole duration,
That is less than a mere century.
Why do we fret and drift away in fickleness?

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