Thursday, November 20, 2008


Predating the commencement of history!
Before the advent of the phenomenon
Of God the Almighty;
The nature and time sang together, the ditty
“Love is a divine rhapsody”.

The first blossoms of love, at those times were among
The movable and immovable; the tangible
And intangible; animate and inanimate
Beings, in the universe.
They sang and we repeated the chorus;
The prime slogan: “Love is immortal.”

The happiness and delight belonged to the early eons.
The zeal, the passion, longing, attachment,
And earnestness stringed together,
Evolved thousands of hours of
Intense intercourse, of confluence.
And they sang again”Eternal is love”.
And we repeat the chorus even now.

Like the fragrance of blossoming spring flowers
Permeating its sweetness, in the atmosphere;
As the rhythms, beats and the tones of a golden
Spring, that drifts in unannounced;
Like the cloying nectar dripping into the loving heart,
A flame of passion, refusing to be extinguished;
The tears flooding from the eyes in
The grief of desolation…..
This love fulfills and is filling up, consummating
All spasmodic desires of the barren mind.

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