Friday, November 14, 2008

The moon probe: CHANDRAYAN…

Opening the gates of the towers of light,
Once upon a time man walked in.
Mother Nature of the universe stood empty handed
To accost him at a reception, in honour.
While cooling off, after falling in the lagoon
Of empty space, as a splinter from the sun,
The earth woke up from its slumber.
It gathered living cells from the atmosphere
And adorned them, for meioses and evolution.
In those early days man commenced creating
Artifacts; wondrous and elegant architecture,
Sculptures, edifices and palaces of magnificence..
He made cities renowned for its artistic handwork,
Temples and churches of perfect artworks.
Mohen-jadaro, Harappa, Indus Valley Civilization,
Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, and many more.
Great men, great emperors and empires.,
Walked this earth and enriched it with wealth.
Prosperity in every field where human efforts
Were directed, and channeled for progress.
Earth turned to be an abode of plenty and immortal.
Imaginations flared and grew wings to fly.

When the earth flourished with wealth
The sun enraged at the sight with envy.
The Venus, the preceptor of Asuras , showed
Its reddish eye with wrath in its mind.
One of those days while circling the earth
The moon asked a blessing from Mother Goddess:
”Send these humans once to this desolate place;
Let them make this as another world like earth.”
And that desire and dream is being fulfilled today!

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