Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Just can’t find the branch of a tree to perch,
No vineyard to stay one night to rest,
No eyes, filled with tears of love,
To keep wait, for my return to home.

Looking at the full moon in the far away sky,
The waves of the sea is fuddling with
The tempest of love, in its heart.
A lonely lover, somewhere beyond vistas of sight,
Is humming, a melody without break.
What are you staring at, with grief filled
In your eyes, you my lode star?
The dusk had spilled the vermilion, which
The day has gifted in its affection, to the night.
She became so forlorn after the day
Has vanished too quick, in a few moments
After just touching out, like touch- and- go.

We are like two fish, caught in the net of love.
There is no possibility to escape now,
No way to flee from here in refuge, in fear.
We can’t gain anything if we object.
We will forget everything in our embraces.
Better be together than keeping aloof.
Union gives strength!

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