Monday, December 1, 2008


Whom do you search in the gloom
Down below, with tear drops in your eyes;
As dew on the petals of the rose in the dawn?
Did your smile become pallid
As it withered, on the forlorn shores
Of some dreams, flamboyant
With magical ecstasies embedded,
Sizzling there with lustful passions?

Did any unknown rhythms of music
Awaken in your heart, any time now?
Did desires and ardent ardour
Smother your musings?
Do you keep open the mystic doors
Of your mind filled with anguish?
And dedicate cadent musical
Melodies, dunk in unsullied love?

Do you smoulder and burn
In excruciating dreams, of your slumbers?
Can you spill laughter through tears?
Could you meditate in penance sporadically
Like a vibrant reverie in the darkest
Dungeons of dismay and desolation now?

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