Monday, November 24, 2008

Abandoned?.. Never!

Can you fly down to me, with a message of love,
My dear flamingo, in the chillness of the rain clouds,
From the resplendent rainbow fondling the sky?

Tell me, you growling hungry Ocean, an answer.
Where is the bard, I love like my life?
My dearest maid, did you see, the anguish
I wrote, artfully as the calligraphy of my heart,
In disquiet, with welling tears in your eyes?
Did you stop to hearken the cadence of a song,
From my soul, sung in distress?

Tell me; did you see him jotting down a scrap
To say he is coming soon to see me?
The horizon of my love, and the life I lead
Has imprisoned me in a castle, I detest.
Yet, I covet to become a rain cloud and
Shower all my love, draining it on him,
From the heaven, soaring over him beady- eyed;
To sprout as a hundred thousand petals of love,
In his despondent existence in this earth;

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