Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Love's labours lost...

In whose mind, I was altered into a song?
In whose heart, I was converted into a meditation?
Where did I bloom, in the ripples of the placid water?
In the pond, where the white lotus flourish?
In which bloom of the soul, I turned to be the pollen
Of passion, exuding the fragrance of lust?

Now, I have forgotten the adoring embraces;
The thrilling spring season has receded away;
The smile has parted from the lips, where
The vibrant kisses once lay waiting,
Trembled and quivered to be owned by me.
How many nights, embellished with
Rapturous shuddering, withered then,
In this bridal chamber, now fateful?
How many mornings became garlands
Of beautiful flowers, and became dance stages
In this court yard, during the past decades?
The tongue which emitted adoring words
Are now transmitting vicious mutterings,
Transform into poisonous fangs…

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