Friday, November 21, 2008

“Love me, love me only...”

There is only one thing, I fondle under the sky;
And that is the tune of love which chants,
“Love me; love me only”, “I love you; you alone.”
Let us enjoy the treat of fragrance, pervading
Out of our life, and the thrill leading us to
Forget ourselves and our existence.

In the lap of a rainbow, you dissolve in me,
And assimilate, like the river flowing into the sea.
In your tress, I perceive the swooned rain clouds
Of the monsoon, refusing to stir and awaken.
The golden sky gleamed in your eyes;
A melody meditated in your coral lips,
Myriads of topaz lights flustered in the smiles;
And love inveigled, shuddering the mind.

Wild flowers borrowing the grace of maidens,
Forgot its pride, and returned their hue,
Fragrance and honey from the spring
To you, and entrusted me to keep you in vigil
As a treasure, invaluable and infinitely rich;
And to be a demigod, to protect her fortunes.

The stream of erotic romance forgot its cadence,
Borrowed from the heart of this beautiful damsel,
Gifted its anklet, bangles and other embellishments
For her dance and asked me to be the music in it...

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