Friday, November 28, 2008

Silence entangled!

Tell me my angel, (It’s futile! I assure.)
Why do you keep away from me?
These days when the shores of my mind
Is inundated by incessant rain of despair,
The bowl of my heart is brimming with grief;
You are still quiet!

Erstwhile days were celestial, with bouquets of smile
In me and you, when each of your words were
Musical, resonant with amiable candour.
Whichever shores of dreams in you
Scotch the waves of agony, dreadfully?

Is there any heart in here, not hankering for,
The fusion, of dreams and slumber?
And moments, of aesthetic sentiments of love?
Any world of imagination awakening
Without the embrace, of kisses and desires?
Any surreal beauty or love, or passion,
Or fulfillment of life?

The craving in my bosom is always
To disintegrate as an emotion in your heart,
To awaken as a strain of melody in the slumber
From your lap, yet I tell you
It’s futile to remain away from me……

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