Tuesday, November 25, 2008


You could touch and fondle me, as the
Golden rays, of the morning sun?
You could awaken me from my siesta
With the warble of a nightingale, everyday?
You could be my ominous sight in the dawn,
Besides the rising sun, when I wake up?

Could it be that the tender chilling breeze,
Who kissed my cheeks, used your sensual lips?
I wish it should be your fun filled words
I hear, as the cold water, I sprinkle on my face.
If I douse from head to foot, and swim in a sea,
It should be the sea of your infinite love!
Then I am sure you will dry me up with
Your warmth and caress, out of your eagerness.
The sandal paste I applied on my forehead, could
Turn into the hot kisses, you gift lavishly there.
And your assurances become the splendid
Attire I am wearing, along with its ripples,
I made on it, rustling in the soft wind.
The locket I adorn nearest to my bosom
Is the replica of your heart, you gave me.
Your good wishes and blessing mark the vermilion
Dot, on the parting of my hair, on the forehead.

If I could, always pursue your treads of life?
If the moonlight that caress and lulls me to
Sleep could be your embraces of passion;
And the flowery bed, where I sleep, forgetting
Myself, could be your warm and cozy chest;
And the sweet dreams, I see in that slumber
Encompass you and your caressing………..

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