Monday, November 10, 2008

This is where I belong to...

Who embellished the magnificence of the heaven
In their imagination, where milk and honey flows,
And you are surrounded by the fairies and nymphs,
Imbibing nectar that flows from goblets, held and
Served by Apsara maidens, with lust in their eyes?
Who constituted and created hell, where fire and
Brimstones wait for you, always to burn you?
It is none other than the ingenuity of the human
Mind, fantasizing their imaginations.

Who radiates the diffusing rays of sunlight, and
Turns it into ravishing rainbows yonder, and
Who adorns the black clouds soaked in the vital
Elixir, for the living beings, in this earth?
It is none other than the deep blue horizon!

The one who unfurls the aspiration of the spring to flower;
The one who approaches and demolish those aspirations,
Known as winter, and the one who behold the embers of
Fire, in its bosom and scorch multitudes of living beings.
We call you time or moment, or era,
Age, epoch, or aeon! Infinite and eternal!
Immeasurable and independent!

In our dreams,appear golden beaches and palaces;
And they ramshackle, in the face of bitter agony!
You are the ocean of passions, as well as
The wilderness of thirsts and intense desires!
You are my world, my abode!

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