Monday, November 17, 2008

I still love you, my…

In the unknown parameters of the barren
Sky, of an autumn season;
Like the rumbling roar of the clouds,
In a soft key, audible yet feeble;
Like the vacillating wearied reminiscence of
Yesterdays, that slumbers and quicken in
The horizon of senses, very often,
Something rapping at the door of your heart,
And you may throw open it; making you smile
Unobtrusively and your mind dwell in the past.

Wandering through space and time,
May be, our smiles collide somewhere there,
And may embrace and kiss on the impulse
Of our magnificent obsessions of the past
Passionate relationship we maintained.

In such a clinch, I can visualize our
Very personal and private experiences,
Become flourishing green buds, and blossom
Into tantalizing, magnificent flowers,
Emanating a soul stirring sweet fragrance.
Flooding the atmosphere, around us.
I love you still my darling...

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