Sunday, September 7, 2008

Whoever, she is...

When I sit fondling my dreams,
I feel like seeing you once again;
And the smiles lingering in your face,
Unfurling the petals of your endearment,
Encrusted with your endless love.

When I saw you again, I feel like talking
Something to you, looking into the depth of
Your turquoise blue eyes and its smirk.
When we came to know each other,
I never think of leaving you, even for a moment
From your soothing presence, caressing me;
And I feel the adoring spate of your tender love
In your silence, drenching me in its sweetness.

I can make out a thousand springs for you,
With a tiny flower of my sublime dreams;
I can make a cascade of rain with the
Endless tears spurting from my eyelashes,
At a time, when I don’t see you for a while.
I can dissolve the moonstone of your love
In my love, to paint many a splendored
Moonlit nights, invading my senses.
I will write a trillion poems in your heart
With a quill dipped in your eternal passions!

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