Thursday, September 4, 2008

Incomplete melodies!

A longing in the heart to sing a song!
A desire to dance with the rhythms of my heart!
Yet, there are no lyrics for the song;
And no foot movement for the dance!
The audience have assembled
The time to commence is also past,
My eyelids closed, as I could not hear your voice.

Now beats have slowed down;
Rhythms mislaid;
The clinking anklets became silent;
Lights in the stage faded, one by one,
Extinct, and a gloom pervaded.
The music has screeched to a halt.
The melodies swooned, behind the stage;
Petals of the dark night, started withering….

The blue curtain of the stage downed.
I was weeping, without knowing
What was happening therein?
Out of the gloom you came out
As an apparition, towards me.
Sans costumes and adornments or props;
At that moment, I heard the bells tinkle.
The sun rose and the buds blossomed into flowers,
And we became one in that radiance.

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