Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Still awaiting

This love, I can not express entirely,
Even if it rains and then become fine,
It makes the mind subtle and sublime.
I drift like the sylvan streams
Hearkening and dreaming of your love.

I laid blooms of the rainbows on
Your walkway, hoping you will come;
Became the morning mist, and the early rains,
Spreading the honey from the petals of smiles.
Asked the crooning bird to rise up early
And announce, the arrival of dawn,
Awakening it, with my caressing fingers.
Are you still delaying to come over,
And I am getting wearied, looking into
The distance, in your path.

The dusk has now scattered
The brittle petals of the moonlight
Under the canopy of the vine yard,
Permeating an aphrodisiac fragrance.
I lighted a thousand wicks in the lamp
Of my grief stricken eyes, in my agony.
And still await, fluming my throbbing smiles.
Are you yet being delayed, in your avid desire
To come here and become one in me?

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