Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My beautiful...

The rain drop turned into
A magnificent pearl and
Adorned your lips, with its opulence.
Pour those lips into mine for me to
Imbibe the sweetness of that delicious pearl.

When the clouds tried to secrete in the sky
The arms of the soft breeze, tenderly
Caress, and soothingly assuage you;
Awakening the sinews and thrilling the body.
Lightning without break, incept from zenith.
Was it my beautiful, the chillness or
The stream of Eldora do, flowing out in
Your heavenly inebriety, that was?

The waves became turbulent, the sea turned rough;
The shore swooned into a dulcified slumber,
While the waves, washed and embraced it.
Why do I hear the sighs?
What for, is this swelling anguish?
What makes you grieve, my angel?

Love, sweetness of life’s love.
You sip this nectar, till content.
For you know not, what is in store,
Kept for you, with the next dawn!

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