Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In remembrance of you...

For the reverie of your love,
A love song, deliquesced in my ecstasies,
A song from my spirit, for the first time;
A song I saved and kept for you, in the annals
Of my contrite heart, all the time;
Flowing forth from my soul as a melody,
A splendored song, writhing out of my life.

You have become an inspiration for my poems,
Became my dearest daughter for me to fondle;
My endearing mother to shower my caress;
A bosom maid to guide me, in chaos.
Then my heart throbs and quivers in my spirit,
Became your music, rhythm, and beats in life.
You reckon that rapture, my darling?

One day we became one entity,
Without any reason or rhyme, for something,
Which we never knew, and even ignorant, now.
We desired intensely, never to drift away from each other.
We kept aside a thousand questions to ourselves,
In our hearts, never uttering, and intentionally.
And we evaded them always, subduing it,
Submerging it, in our conscience.
We shared together all our aspirations,
Of all our living moments, in glee.
Don’t you reminisce all those, in your lonely moments?

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