Friday, September 12, 2008

Thinking of you…

Are you arousing, like a drop of dew
From the bosom of a flower, awake
When the rays of the sun kissed it?
Are the eternal stars, disappearing
From watching the world, and its lovers;
When the raindrops started falling down,
From heaven, like you drenching me,
With your enchanting amour.
As the words saddened by desolation
Closed its eyes, like the dusk, in wonder!

Our hearts make bridges of rainbows
Splendoured with boundless love.
The shores dissolve in the waves of desires,
Ditties sung by us in the realm of passion,
Flutters with wings of butterflies and soar
Towards the lofty heaven of golden clouds.
We diffuse in each other, unobtrusively;
Never to part away, as our lives are fulfilled now.

The music of the breath you exhale, is embedded
With sublime adoration, elusive and ethereal.
I have become an unknown, unseen companion
In your trail, interfusing, with the vibes of your soul;
Unknowingly, innumerable desires and passions
Have we exchanged hitherto. And…..

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