Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An angel in my heart!

An entire lovely spring, you have embodied;
In the glamorous flower chest of a kiss,
The drops of nectar overwhelmed from that sweet kiss
Invoked an ocean of passionate desires, in me.

An angel, you are, who could, with your delicate
Finger touch; make a tidal wave in my veins;
With a wisecrack, make a cascade of melodies,
Into my romantic, and amorous thoughts.

With a transient and fleeting ogling,
So soft, and a tremulous gaze shatter
My philosophy and morals and values in life,
Which I have strenuously up held in my
Subconscious, and respected.

I now pay homage, and genuflect before
That great sage, who pronounced the truth
Of rebirths, after mortal death of the flesh,
Which I trust, is real and not a dream,
Or a mystery, but a hope and an
Eternal truth surpassing eons...

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