Sunday, September 14, 2008


Your eyes imprisoned me, into
A solitary confinement, for life.
What spell you have cast upon me
To make me possessed, by the charm?
Your youthfulness, made me a slave,
And enlisted me, into your harem.
Turned me afflicted and weary;
Made me lose my strength altogether;
I am at a loss to resist any of your
Advances or overtures, you may adroitly make.

Allow me to dry you up with my long tress of hair;
When you come out of the river after your bath,
Holding your palms to keep the towel in place,
Appearing like the statue of Jupiter,
You take the amorous flowers
From your mind, and harness your eye brows
With them, in your dexterity, in the game of love.
Like Cupid’s quiver, hanging on his shoulder
With the arrows to enamour the lovers.

Allow me, to dab the pollen grain of my love,
On your body, and smother you with
The passion of a hundred maids together;
Enriching me, with the compassion of
Your blissful infatuation for me;
And I could remain in those dark blue seas
Of your eyes as a dream eternally…

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