Friday, September 19, 2008

Once again...

In my reveries it will be full moons
When you just throw, a smile at me.
In my memories shower kisses
Sweetening my dreams.
We both have only one passion!

The ecstasy you inspired in the core of my heart
And the words I wrote for you;
Even when you are far away from me,
My eyes will recite them unseen,
Into the heart, in whispers.
If I enter paradise, these memories of
Such a flowering season will accompany
Me, to that divine country, among the gods.
And I will see your face, amidst the blossoms
Of such a glorious garden, smiling at me.

The song bloomed in your silvery eyes
Is dancing in jauntiness, rippling always in the mind.
Looking at the splendour of the golden sky where
The withered flowers of the morn, are studded,
I will remain stringing a garland, with beads of
Your memories and counting my days
For you to return to our haven.
Because our aspirations are the same,
And not different from yours.

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