Saturday, September 13, 2008

This birth is fruitful...

Loving harmony and animosity;
Love and hate!
This is the gist of the human story.
Planning and frustration!
This is the inception of love.

Seasons approach silently and disappear,
Scatter flowers and take it back through the soil.
Blooming blossoms will wither away
Yet, its fragrance permeates,
And always persist and enjoyed,
Through thousands of eons.

We smile and fate laughs along with us.
God will feign, being in deep slumber.
Dreams take birth and vanish into thin air;
Like a fantasy and passion, in mind’s drive.
That sweetness will persist
To become a cloying memory,
Enjoyed through thousands of eons!

We love, and gift our life to the beloved;
The spell of love is enchanting, mystifying;
Endearing, and leading to enormous adoration.
It guides us through endless corridors of
Bliss and delight, passion and lasciviousness;
Elevating us into a spectrum, of jubilation.
That subtle indulgence will persist over eons
And enjoyed through our births and rebirths…

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