Sunday, September 7, 2008

Awaiting for you...

Awaken me, softly touching my whole body,
With your slender fingers, of a lotus thread,
Knock gently on the door of my heart,
Unlock it, opening the padlock on it,
Murmur a ditty, leaning on my shoulders,
And lull me softly, quietly into a slumber!

Like a bloom losing its lustre,
In the scorching heat of the sun,
As the moonlight, swinging in the breeze,
And as an ocean, kissing your anklets,
I am here, standing with extended arms
To embrace you, intimately and tighten my
Clasps around your endearing neck;
Yet, you could not kiss me,
Even on my forehead…

As the flouncing moon in the ripples;
Turning into an adoring flower in
The bouquet of your love,
Awaiting with a small pearl,
From the oyster of my heart,
All the time, for you,
Which moved on a leaden feet;
Still you have not offered a flower,
As a present to me,
For the morning radiance, of my light.

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