Sunday, September 21, 2008

The calm after a storm...

You are applying a vermillion dot
On the forehead of the sky;
Fading out in the dusk
My golden evening, of a magnificent hue!
Subdued in its grandeur, of sweetness.
On the flowery bed, when I slept, fondled
And enchanted by randy dreams,
You leaned and touched your
Finger tips, caressing my forehead,
While the Venus, was shimmering in the eastern sky.

Some where a soft prelude, sprang from a flute,
And the whimpering mist, in a desolate hour,
An ache, showering in the moon light of your being,
A chilly lullaby, bringing ripples of tiny memories;
And soft breeze from the meadows seeking
Tranquility, in the distressed mind.

For the silence which swooned somewhere,
Turned into a pulsating note in the air;
Lightning up again the wick of a lamp,
Where little fuel, is left to enliven.
I whisper to you, as the blessing earned
Through umpteen rebirths,
Each of my sealed secrets, in my life.

The purest lotus left in the pond in Paradise!
Could you lend me, a bouquet of dreams
With ravishing petals?
Is your silence, a caress of the tremulous love,
You behold in your soul for me? And
The Calm after the storm?

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