Monday, September 15, 2008

Soliloquy of a soul…

Though I am alone
I feel you are hiding
Somewhere here, in me,
Or very much near to me.
Though away, far away
Thoughts about you are
Always surrounding me
Like the chill of a winter.
The heart is inebriating with
Lurid emotions, suspended in nectar;
A fragrance permeates, of musk
Encompassing me, in its spell,
That which you left, here.
Too many cruel memories
Crowd in my thoughts;
Desires call me to your side;
Of in satiated yearnings
For love, for caress, for warmth
And for compassion.

You are away in a distant land
Only my wishes and thoughts can now
Cross the ocean and be near you.
I wish if I could wipe those tears;
I wish if I could caress those
Swollen soles of your feet;
I wish if I could see a rainbow of
Smiles radiating in your lips.
And a happy look in your lovely countenance

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