Friday, September 26, 2008

When dreams dry up…

How long can grief persist, in the human mind?
Only till the dreams dry up in this earth!
I reckon the darkness, and the murk,
I reckon the light and the radiance, as well.
But who can comprehend the shape of
A shadow which intervene in its midst,
And changes its character?
Why is my mind holding an umbrella of thoughts,
Against a cyclone, which thrash out at me?
Let me carry the coffin of my frozen secrets
And walk staggering alone to my grave.

How many time god incarnated into this world
Promising, to correct the ways of mankind.
And borne the cross, the crown of thorns
Or suffered the sling of covert arrows?
Those were the rewards for trying to correct them!
And the awards he had to receive for the effort!

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