Monday, August 11, 2008

Wistful memoirs...

Like an enchanting gift,
The changing season has endowed;
Like the blossoming of a thrill,
Enriched by a sweet embrace;
You unfolded as a poem on the alluring
Tender branches of my first love, when we both
Started, dreaming of the mysteries of love..

I sought you, my first love, forgetting everything
Around me, fluttering like a wild butterfly,
All over places and time, in and out;
I liquefy myself into you, through the spell
Of your honeyed seductive smiles,
And turned into a swan wading in the pools of heaven,
To become a flamingo with resplendent plumes;
Like the full moon traversing, among the silvery clouds.

The day when you tried to bid farewell to me,
Wilted by the stinging distress in your mind;
Our dreams shattered, its wings clipped off
Into smithereens, scattering into silence,
All the emotions rancid, and mortified..
And my mind whispers mutely;
“All good wishes for a happy married life.

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